In the story “The Men’s Path” by Chinua Achebe the significance has a negative annotation because of the author experience. The author even though he was paralyzed had a positive attitude.He was enthusiastic about life he saw all the wonderful things he had in life. The author enthusiastic suggest, “We shall make a good job of it hasn’t we” (p 177). He refer this because after getting a promotion at his job.He share is happiness with Jo’s wife. The story of The Men’s Path make usus believe that someone is death or that someone has suffer a lost.

There were always obstacles throughout the story however; the author always had a confident approach for his problems. The author metabolism was different he learn through all the life lesson. This is the way people should be always learning from. This will help all individual to become better human begins and be grateful for what we have.the author mentions, “Let the hawk perch and let the perch”(p176). The author says this because he is the projector of the school so by that said he help th school overcome all the problems they might have. This is important because if we are not positive, we will give up in life and we will not strive to do better.


“A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”

The setting of “A Clean, Well- Lighted Place ” is in bar in the years where the world war I was taking place. An older gentlemen  will go to the bar to drink some brandy he will go to the bar so he will forget his problems and relies some of he stress he had in life.  The mood of the scene reflect that gentleman suffered of some kind of disorder.  There mate of been drama where he live in and that is why there was a hanging niece . By the author telling us about that hanging person there might of been a care for person that might of just past away.this probably the reason will drink everyday. Also, by taking about the wine shop this could be a reflection that the man was encourage to drink because of the reason that the bar gad plenty of liquor in the location. The gentlemen might need someone to talk too and tell his problems.